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Latest reviews for Berdeaux's Vintage Sauces & Seasonings 5/5.0 stars (2 reviews)

I received my "Chef Jim's Gourmet Combo Pack" last Friday. The sauces and rubs are awesome! You probably don't hear this very often, but the Private Reserve Steak was awesome on the deer tenderloins I smoked Saturday evening. I am looking forward to buying the other rubs and sauces. Thank you for the great products!
Dear Sirs, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for bringing your grandfathers 1945 BBQ and steak sauce to the market. Folks don’t know what they are missing from the ( old days )ie., flavor combinations so multi layered they’re spicy and sassy. Without a doubt these gourmet sauces bring undeniable pleasure to a discriminating palate. I put steak sauce in my most recent meat loaf and it was unreal, soo..…good. Incidentally, after giving a taste of your steak sauce to my friend we compared it to A-1 steak sauce immediately after your’s and we learned very quickly, A-1 tasted like you were sucking on a rusty pipe. I cannot believe all of this taste is in a gourmet steak sauce plus a (gentle kick ). Yes, this sauce is really timeless and everyone should try it one time and you’ll be hooked.

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