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Every once in a while, a product comes along that's so much better than any other products out there that you just have to try it. 

After 66 years in captivity, an old family recipe circa 1945, “Vintage Revenge” sauces (BBQ & Steak) absolutely blow all of the competition away.  Fact is; nothing competes with the many flavors it offers.


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Blind Taste Test

In December 2010, a Knoxville TN blind taste test revealed 9 out 10 people preferred Vintage Revenge Steak Sauce over any other national brand.

"Folks don’t know what they are missing from the (old days ) ie., flavor combinations so multi-layered; they’re  spicy and sassy."


Customers Say...

I really loved the sauce!! It only took a couple of weeks and the sauce was gone...

This sauce is really timeless and everyone should try it one time and you’ll be hooked...  Read More


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